Onward, Brave One

Bleeding Heart Flower Essence

  • Stay tender in heartache
  • Cultivate resilience


Loss, heartbreak, and grief are painful, yet inevitable parts of life. When our hearts have been rent and we feel we can’t recover, the melancholy sweetness of Bleeding Heart is here to help us remain soft and able to love (ourselves as much as others). Shaped like hearts or reproductive organs, complete with tender stigma dripping from pulled back pink petals, these flowers droop on long stalks laden with open-hearted neighbors. The root of compassion means to suffer with, and this reminds us that the greatest gift of suffering is our ability to connect to the broken parts of others. We are all bleeding hearts, hanging from the same branch. Pain might be a part of life, but the other side of that coin is love. We will endure, tender hearted and strong.


Onward, Brave One

SKU: BleedingheartFE
  • Lamprocapnos spectabilis, 1 oz

    essence of Bleeding Heart harvested in Brighton, MA, spring water, vodka distilled from raw honey in Hardwick, VT

    Made during the new moon to inspire renewal and rebirth. For more information on why we craft certain items under the new moon, visit here