My Cup Runneth Over

Hibiscus Flower Essence

◦ Delight in your abundance
◦ Let your love flow


Some flowers are small and diffuse, and some times in our lives call for this kind of humility and conservation of energy. And then there are times when we are called to embrace our sense of fullness, abundance, and grand expressions of sensual freedom! If you’ve ever passed a shrub with just a few impressively large blooms, you have probably witnessed the voluptuous magic that is Hibiscus! We, too, can delight in our embodiment, in pleasure, and in letting these gifts flow from us and enliven our world. We have more than enough to share.

My Cup Runneth Over

SKU: HibiscusFE
  • Hibiscus, 1 oz
    essence of Hibiscus harvested in Lakeville, MA, spring water, vodka distilled from raw honey in Hardwick, VT

    Made during the full moon to inspire abundance.

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