Black-eyed Susan Flower Essence

◦ Illuminate your darkest depths
◦ Let the light tend your ravaged heart


Scoop a net of seeds—

one for the trouble you've caused, 
the rest for the trouble 
you wish you caused.

The skeletons wear marigolds 
for eyes. 
They let you pass,

lantern-hearted, happy. 

-Excerpted from 33 Umbrellas by Jennifer K. Sweeney


When our inner terrain is full of terror and there are shadows of monsters wherever we look, Black-eyed Susan is here to teach us how to be our own guiding light. There is a reason the Hermit of the tarot, on an introspective and solitary journey, carries a lantern as they traverse the dark: nothing feels so scary when it comes into the light. With curiosity and self-compassion, we can face ourself with open eyes. We can come to know all of our crevices and corners, befriending our beasts and accepting them for their unexpected gifts. We can become like lanterns, luminous from the inside out.


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  • Rudbeckia hirta, 1 oz
    essence of Black-eyed Susan harvested Arlington, MA, spring water, vodka distilled from raw honey in Hardwick, VT

    Made during the waning moon to inspire reflection and introspection