Ignite the Spark

Nasturtium Flower Essence

◦ Connect with your creativity
◦ Let your passion guide you


C’est mon plaisir
Isabella Stewart Gardner, noted lover of Nasturtiums

When the excitement of beginnings dwindles and old fears and expectations arise, it is easy to become disconnected from passion, purpose, and pleasure. It is in these moments that Nasturtium can be the matchstick that alights our inner fire once again. Martha Graham implores us to keep the channel open, and this is exactly what we are in the face of creativity: a channel, a conduit, a conducting wire. We are the necessary vessel for creation and transformation, but the source is something mysterious, magical, and utterly beyond us. Trust in the ease of this connection, able to be called upon at any moment. Have faith in the holiness of your passion and desire. And take pleasure in this confounding, transforming, and invaluable process.

Ignite the Spark

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  • Tropaeolum, 1 oz
    essence of Nasturtium harvested Middleborough, MA, spring water, vodka distilled from raw honey in Hardwick, VT

    Made under the waxing moon to inspire growth & creation. 

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