Dripping Like Nectar

Milkweed Flower Essence

◦ Sweet talk your butterflies
◦ Know freedom in intimacy


Attachment is our birthright, and yet all too many of us are scarred by traumas, heartaches, and loss. It can feel easier to isolate, or to lose the boundaries of ourself in the grasping for another. When our ability to feel closeness and vulnerability in relationships becomes burdened by anxiety and fear, a vital source of nourishment is cut off. Milkweed, and particularly the seductively orange species Butterflyweed, teaches us that we are better for being together. Learn to return to your body and fiercely celebrate your unique spirit while face to face with another. Remind your wounded and fearful parts that there is sweetness in being held close, comfort in being known, and freedom found in the laces of interdependence. Our mutual transformations, like caterpillars to butterflies, depend on our connections to each other.

Dripping Like Nectar

SKU: MilkweedFE
  • Asclepias Tuberosa, 1 oz
    essence of Butterfly Weed harvested Arlington, MA, spring water, vodka distilled from raw honey in Hardwick, VT

    Made during the waxing mood to inspire growth and dreaming. 

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