Making under the Moon - Part I: The New Moon

This is part one in a four part series detailing how and why we craft & forge in a specific moon phase based on our intentions for that creation. When we're creating an item, whether it be a flower essence, tea, or even something like our website, we reflect on the phases of the moon and may wait up to 3 weeks to bring our idea to fruition in order to benefit from the particular moon magic of a certain phase. All of our products are labeled with the phase they were created in and we hope this series will shed some (moon)light on why the moon cycle is a critical ingredient in our work.

Many of us are familiar with the relief brought with the beginning of a new year. Those of us who follow the Gregorian calendar may spend the first week of January feeling a sense of renewal as we draw up plans for new avenues of behavior and thinking to carry through the next twelve months. Those of us who are Jewish may begin the new year on Rosh Hashanah by participating in the unburdening ritual of Tashlikh.

Just as the turn of a calendar year can allow us to view our potential with new eyes, there is the opportunity each month to have small, needed moments of reflection and renewal at the turn of the moon cycle. When we become laden with the pains and exhaustion of being human, the New Moon can act as a beacon for heavy hearts.

Each cycle of our moon consists of four main phases: the New Moon, lasting only a day or so; the Waxing Moon, lasting around two weeks; the Full Moon, again lasting only a day; and finally, the Waning Moon, lasting two weeks until dwindling down to the new moon again.

The moon cycle is ceaseless and eternal. It is something to count on when our lives are in chaos. The moon isn't always visible--even outside of the new moon--but knowing it is always in the sky can be a great comfort for those of us who feel alone, or worse, unseen. The moon sees you. The moon is always there.

So, some of us may turn to the moon each night and begin to see that the moon gathers strength, night by night, during times when we too are building and creating. The moon beams bright and full when we, too, may feel stuffed to the brim. And the moon's light flickers away, slipping into the mirror of its former self, as perhaps we too grow restless, tired, and aching to begin again. And, when we have looked up into the sky and see the dark shadow of a moon tucked away from the light of our sun, the new moon says to us, "Yes. You, too, can begin again."

And again, the moon cycle is ceaseless and eternal. Another lesson to learn: there is no such thing as a true beginning or a true end. Our problems will not vanish under the blanket of the new moon. Memories are not erased. A new moon is not a miracle anymore than every breath of air is a miracle. Which is to say, sometimes a new moon is a miracle, or at least will feel very close to one. But more times than not, the new moon merely arrives: easily, reliably, and until the day we die.

When Lizzy and I decide to craft something, we begin by expressing our hopes and intentions for the item at hand. After determining this, we move from conceptual to logistical planning, and this transition always begins with deciding what moon phase will ease our intentions the most.

Two items that we have decided to craft under the new moon are our Bleeding Heart flower essence Onward, Brave One and our Morning Glory flower essence Heard & Answered. Bleeding Heart aides in the rebirth necessary after heartache, while Morning Glory assists in reviving us from old habits we wish to shed. In both instances, we are coming to the flower essence and asking it to help us embrace and step into Newness. In deriving the essence from the flower under the new moon, all elements involved in the making--the flower, the water, the air and our own hands as we work-- are existing in that state of fresh beginnings, thereby elevating our intentions. What results is a small part of the new moon's energy infused along with the flower's essence, both lending divine wisdom and encouragement as we dare to begin again.

To begin again, to start from scratch, to re-build or to build for the very first time: the new moon teaches through demonstration, right before our eyes.

Some Questions and Reflections

  • What have you been bearing that you no longer wish to bear?

  • How can the new moon act as inspiration for shedding unwanted burdens?

  • Where in your body does stress tend to manifest?

  • What are some ways you can work to relieve & renew those parts of yourself most affected?

  • How can you hold the guidance of the new moon throughout the whole month/moon cycle?