how we compensate contributors

Golden Hour is committed to fairly honoring those who contribute to and help shape our vision. Since we are at the very beginning stages of existing, we are unable to pay contributors a flat fee upfront for articles, art, or any original content they may provide. In lieu of that, we are offering equity in our shop through collaborating on a product based on the content you create, and splitting the proceeds. 

The process is essentially as follows:

  1. Golden Hour commissions you or you propose a project for Golden Hour.

  2. We discuss the proposal and work together to determine an item that compliments, reflects and aligns with your work.

  3. We discuss time frame, quantity, cost, price and proceeds. 

  4. Golden Hour creates the item while you create your piece. 

  5. Both you and Golden Hour approve the final product(s).

  6. Golden Hour publishes your work in tandem with the product.

  7. You get 50% of the proceeds of the item(s) sold.  

General guidelines and details

  • Items created will be "limited-run" based on what we (the contributor(s) and Golden Hour) determine together before production.  

  • This applies to content created specifically for and published solely on Golden Hour ( 

  • Golden Hour reserves the right to your original work until all accompanying products have been sold.

  • You have the opportunity to purchase any/all items created for your piece at cost of production at anytime. 

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please fill out our form located here. If you have any questions about our compensation practices, please email us at